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With the modern lighting technology, night and day becomes indistinguishable.


Energy Matrix saves the environment by consuming less energy, and at the same time, hope others will follow substantial habits of saving energy. The importance of small everyday changes can become a big help to rescue our diminishing environment.


Contribute to energy efficient education and make a custom regarding conserving energy. The below is some tips and What other people are suggesting. Here is your roadmap to share ideas, please write to us.


Energy Matrix thinks to save the environment and applies it into action.


1. Plant a tree, bike, try reusing things.

2. Turn off the lights and appliances when leaving a room.
3. Limit yourself from consuming unecessary energy, for example, the amount of watching television.
3. Replace appliances with government approved, energy star, products for your next upgrade.
4. Turn off your Internet modem and routers if its unused.
5. Change fixed lights to variable motion sensor lights.
6. Having good insulation reduces heating system costs.

7. Summer seasons are suppose to be hot. Reduce your airconditioning usage to a minimum to cool down the room. Even in a car, just open the window to get some fresh air. By reducing the use of a/c, you save energy and reduce the damage caused to the earth's ozone.

8. Locate air leaks. Cauck you holes and leaks in your home to avoid extra heating or air conditioning.

9. Examine your old utilities and replace them with energy efficient units.

10. Conduct a Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audits checklist here




Mr. EnergyMatrix





Scratch that itch about RoHS and WEEE

RoHS and WEEE For Dummies, Etienne Finet





Restrictions of







Electronical and




Contact Us to request a copy of RoHS and WEEE for Dummies. Please include the title on the subject.


Industry News

The demand of LED package for TVs will jump 450% to reach 9.36 billion units in 2010

2nd, January 2010

In early 2009, after Samsung invested a large budget in promoting the new concept of LED TV, the market witnessed a surge in the replacement of new generation television.. Further information


New Energy Policies World-Wide Promote the Development of LED lighting industry

29th, January 2010

Faced with issues such as energy shortage and global warming, governments across the globe have implemented various incentives and subsidies to energy-savings products... Further information


Aggressive LED TV Promotion Begins - Consumer acceptance determines the supply and demand of LEDs in 2H10

27th, January 2010

TV brand vendors are highly optimistic about the shipments of LED TVs in 2010, indicated research institute LED inside... Further information

Rise of LED Ambient Lights and LED Night Safety Street Lights in Japan

22nd, January 2010

Japan is the birthplace oof LED outdoor lighting including LED ambient lights, LED night safety street lights, which help to reduce crime, and other novel lighting fixtures... Further information


New Energy Policies World-wide Promote the development of LED Lighting Industry - LED forum 2009 Report (10)

22nd, January 2010

Faced with issues such as energy shortage and global warming, governments across the globe have implemented various incentives and subsidies for energy-saving products. At the LED forum 2009 Panel Discussion, LED industry heavyweights shared their points of view on the competition and developoment in the industry.. Further information


Green Energy Trends for 2010: the Compound Annual Growth Rate of LED Light Source Reaches 32% with the Advancement of LED Lighting Technology

21st, January 2010

Energy- saving is one of the key focuses of current social concerns. There are significant differences between various energy saving technologies - while any technology that reduces power consumtion saves electricity fees, and reduces environmental pollution by lowering carbon dioxide emission levels, some technologies consume so much energy to an extent that it offsets the amount of energy saved.. Further information


Diodides Incorporated Announces an LED Driver that Reduces Size and Cost of Lighting Products

20th, January 2010

Diodides Incorporated, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete and analog semiconductor markets, today announced a 1 Amp rated linear mode, constant-current LED driver specifically designed to reduce the size and cost of a range of general illumination products, including flashlights and lighting in emergency, garden and poolside applications.. Further information


Low Interest in Guernsey Carbon Tax Scheme

19th, January 2010

There has been a lack of response by islanders to a consultation on plans to tax those with high emission vehicles, Guernsy's government had said .. Further information


Solar Eclipse Brings Darkness in Asia and Africa

19th, January 2010

A solar eclipse has plunged parts of Africa and Asia into semi-darkness. .... Further information


International CES 2010

07th - 10th, January 2010.. Las Vegas, NV USA

Energy MatrixTM a division of Innovation Matrix is exibiting with CEW at CES 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. A leading distributor of energy efficient electronic products, Energy MatrixTM, will introduce energy efficiencient electronic products at the consumer electronics event..... Further information


BBC News Dreaming of a Green Christmas

28 December 2009..

Environmentalists Felix Dodds and Michael Strauss use this week's Green Room to pass on a message from a seasonal contributor... Further information


'Meaningful' deal reached at Copenhagen Climate Summit

21 December 2009..

Key states have reached what they call a "meaningful agreement" at the Copenhagen climate summit. A US government official said the deal was a "historic step forward" but was not enough to prevent dangerous climate change in the future... Further information


Danish Wind of Change on Energy

21 December 2009..

BBC Wales' Environment Correspondent Iolo ap Dafydd looks at the contrast between who invests, owns and benefits from wind energy in Denmark, compared to Wales, and other problems which may face the wind industry.. Further information


Climate Talks at the Crossroads

17 December 2009..

The UN climate summit in Copenhagen is mulling arguments from all sides - but not everyone agrees on how to allign the interests of business and the climate .. Further information


Energy Pairing on Crest of a Wave

16 December 2009..

One of Europe's biggest energy companies teams up with an Edinburgh firm to develop the first wave power project off Shetland.. Further information


Oklahoma needs renewable energy standard

2 December 2009..

Oklahoma city- A former member of the state board that regulates utilities said Wednesday that Oklahoma needs to develop a renewable energy standard to encourage development of its wind energy sector and potentially lure manufacturing jobs.. Further information


Formosa Epitaxy to Establish the Largest LED Plant in China

18 November 2009..

LED industry giants, including Formosa Epitaxy (3061), Unity Opto (2499), Amtran, and LG Display (LGD), have jointly-invested a total of NT4.8 billion (~USD 150 million) to set up an LED chip manufacturing plant in Jiangsu – Jiangsu Canyang Corporation (transliterated). Further informati


Carbon Question

08 November 2009.

In December the nations of the world will congregate in Copenhagen, Denmark to discuss what must be done about climate change.. Further information


Milan's Hot LED Furniture

06 November 2009.

I found this site today - The Milan Furniture Fair or “Salone Del Mobile”, which happens every year sometime in April is THE place to see and be seen for people, furniture, lighting and all things in the world of design. Further information


Carbon Counters

03 November 2009..

If you want to cut your output, first you've got to know what it is. A whole new industry is ready to help. Further information


Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2009

September 28, 2009..

Asia's biggest lighting event will be showcased on October 27-30, 2009. With new developments coming thick and fast in the lighting industry, there's nowhere better to make sure that your business is switched on than by visiting the HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition). Futher information


Micron to Explore LED-Manufacturing with $5M Federal Stimulus Grant
September 25, 2009..

Micron Technology Inc. has received $5 million federal economic stimulus grant announced today which will help it to pursue manufacturing of LED devices, according to a local media of Idaho, USA. And company officials believe the venture could bring significant revenue and employment growth over the next few years. Further information


Energy Department Advances Carbon Capture and Storage Research on Two Fronts

September 16, 2009..

Washington, D.C. — Forty-three research projects that will advance carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies while providing graduate and undergraduate student training opportunities at universities across the country will be supported by $12.7 million in U.S. Department of Energy funding announced today. Further information


The application of infrared LED


DIY Earth Friendly LED Milk Bottle Lights

This design is the most out of the box yet still holds the same recycling concept!


State Regulators OK $95 Million for Renewable Energy Plants

August 21, 2009..

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) - State regulators have given the go-ahead for an auction to distribute $95 million to new wind, solar, or other renewable energy plants. Further information

DOE Announces $37 Million for Small Business Research and Technology

Aug 20, 2009..


WASHINGTON, DC- U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced today that $37 million in funding from the Recovery Act will be made available to qualified small businesses throughout the Department's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer programs. Further information


Two Cities Get LED Traffic Signals
August 18, 2009...

While most major cities around the world have switched their traffic signals to LEDs, some hold-outs remain. Some cities, especially historic ones are slower to change. Both Philedephia and East London will soon have LED-based traffic signals. Further information


State encourages sustainable business practices with green business award for waste reduction

April 15, 2009..

SACRAMENTO—The California Integrated Waste Management Board wants to reward sustainable California businesses and nonprofits with the 2009 Waste Reduction Award. Further information


World's flexible Sony OLED youtube link





A radioactive recombination of electrons and holes in a semiconductor or other material used for lighting. The recombination comes in a powdered form and can be fabricated using thin films or either organic or inorganic materials. Electroluminescence phenominon is commonly used for lighting fixtures that consume less power than the incandescent and flourescent lighting.


US Department of Energy

The Department of Energy provides science and technology, energy sources, energy efficiency, environment, prices and trends, and other tips for researchers and consumers.


Where can we use solar?

Solar Instincts provokes the use of solar energy. Converting sunlight to energy is a effortless solution.Further information


KILL A WATT and WATTs UP, measure your true electricity consumption to the tenth decimal place. Critics compare these guilty products that expose your energy costs and quantify the energy your whole entertainment system is extracting. Even when its not in use.


"I got my first KILL A WATT for $40-something at Radio Shack. I own four kinds of watt meter now, but the KILL A WATT and WATTS UP? are the two readily-available products."Further information



"Going Green" Keeps You in "The Black"

"My daughter, Halima, has recently inspired me to be more environmentally responsible. When I was growing up, the "Don't Mess With Texas" and "Adopt a Highway/Park" campaigns were a big deal and made quite an impact on my attitudes about about pollution.


The Power of an Hour: What We Gain When We Turn Out the Light

"When I was growing up, my mother was always after family members to turn off lights in rooms they weren't using. It's a common sense policy I'm pleased she nagged into me; now it's second nature."

Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14001 / RC 14001 Training
"As sustainability becomes forefront for all organizations, not just organizations in polluting industries, organizations have focused more on how their environmental management systems (EMS) reduce waste and handle by-products"



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